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Naagin Season 4

The most famous Indian Television drama is Naagin that’s based totally on myth, romance, drama, and supernatural. The producer of the show is Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor and it’s far Colors Tv Production. The display broadcast beneath Production Company named Balaji Telefilms. The display broadcast on Colors Channel and has completed three seasons.

The tale of drama serial, Naagin, based on revenge for romance and protection of Naagmani which is a precious gem with magical powers. The story reflects the warfare of Ichchhadhari Naagins for avenge.

Naagin Sesaon 4 Star Date

Naagin Season 4 is expected to begin Date from November 2019 . The Director of the Naagin did now not but reveled the exact date yet, however it can start from the begin of next yr. The more statistics can be shared after the official declaration. You can watch Naagin Season four All Episodes Here

Naagin Season 4

The first season of show Naagin released on November 1, 2015, on Colors TV. The season ends on June five, 2016. The major characters of the serial are Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani, Adaa Khan, and Sudha Chandran. Naagin 4 might be extra popular.

The tale initiates with Ichchhadhari Naagins Shivanya and her cousin Shesha who’re shape-moving serpents. Shivanya’s mother and father’ worship Lord Shiva and they had been murdered by means of 5 human beings after they have been shielding the Naagmani. Shivanya decides to take revenge for her figure’s demise. She struggles to know about them and best see the picture of 3 criminals inclusive of Ankush, Viren, and Shailesh in her mother’s eyes. Shivanya starts offevolved her goal of getting revenge by using getting into in Ankush’s house as a maiden. Ritik, Ankush’s son, a kind-hearted and loving individual fall in love with Shivanya at first sight.

Shivanya consents to marry Ritik for revenge. Later, she begins her avenge and kill Viren and Shailesh. Shesha discloses that Ankush’s pal Suri turned into additionally concerned in homicide after which Shivanya and Shesha each killed Suri. During her stay in Ankush’s house, Shivanya realizes that Ritik is a good person and she or he eventually falls in love with him. When Shesha got here to recognize approximately this, she became disillusioned and assume that Shivanya will no longer be capable of kill Ankush due to the fact he is Ritik’s father.

Later, the 5th assassin discovered to be Yamini, Ritik’s mother and reality additionally expose that Ritik is Yamini’s fraternal nephew. She with the help of Ankush abducted Ritik and his father, Sangram Singh due to the fact most effective they might touch the Naagmani. On the alternative hand, Shesha fall in love with Ritik. Yamini realizes that Shivanya and Shesha are Ichchhadhari Naagins, hence she makes use of Shesha and excites her to betray Shivanya. Shesha became Shivanya’s enemy for Ritik and Naagmani. Shivanya kills Ankush and Ritik understand that Shivanya is a serpent. Yamini stabs Ritik with a knife but Shivanya saves his life with Naagmani. Knowing approximately the fact of Yamini, Ritik allows Shivanya to defend the Naagmani. Both consummate their marriage and Shivanya misplaced her powers. The best possible manner to get Shivanya powers returned is to kill either Ritik or his father Sangram Singh. Sangram Singh sacrifices his existence and Shivanya profits her powers returned. Both Shivanya and Ritik protect the Naagmani and Shivanya kill Yamini at the same time as Shesha is imprisoned by means of the Mahishmatis named Avantika and Vikram. The season got here to give up with the aid of revealing Shivanya pregnancy.

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Naagin Season 2

The 2d season of Naagin broadcast on October 8, 2016, and came to its finishing on June 25, 2017. The main characters of the display are Mouni Roy, Karanvir Bohra, Adaa Khan, Sudha Chandran, and Aashka Goradia.

After the three months of events of the 1st season, 3 months pregnant Shivanya deliver beginning to a wholesome toddler female named Shivangi. After the jump of 25 years, a widowed Shivanya warfare to shield Shivangi from being the Naagin. Both Shivanya and Shivangi seems alike and consequently a while people assume Shivangi as Shivanya. Shivanya got here to understand from a saint that she can most effective keep away from Shivangi from turning into a Naagin if she receives married earlier than turning to twenty-five. Shivangi meets Rockey and that they both began to love each other. Rockey, the adopted nephew of Yamini broke his engagement with Shesha.

Not understanding the relation between Rockey and Yamini, Shivanya fixes the wedding of Shivangi and Rockey. On the marriage day, Shivanya saw Shesha and Yamini and became worried. Shesha, Yamini, Avantika, Kapalika, Vikram, Amar, Manav, and Nidhi kill visitors such as Shivangi’s family. Shivanya allows Shivangi to run from the wedding area. Considering Shivanya as a Shivangi, they kill her. Yamini informs Rockey that Shivangi is useless and he or she blamed on dacoits. Rockey felt heartbroken at the same time as on the other side, Shivangi survives and got here to recognize from a saint about the existence of Shivanya. The saint tells her that most effective she will be able to contact the Naagmani. Shivangi also saw faces of murderers in Shivanya’s eyes and do not forget one in all them as Rockey. In the efforts of committing suicide, she survives and grow to be a Naagin. She decides to take revenge for her mom’s death and additionally to shield the Naagmani.

Naagin Season 4 Start Date
After a few days, Shivangi appears on the marriage day of Rockey and Shesha. Everyone was bowled over to look her alive and Yamini concurs on the marriage of Rockey and Shivangi through convincing Shesha with terrific efforts. Both Yamini and Shesha agree due to the fact they knew that best Shivangi ought to contact the Naagmani. Later, Shivangi turned into attacked with the aid of the eighth assassin Nidhi however Rockey saves her. Shivangi additionally realizes that Rockey is harmless and now not a murderer of her mom.
Shivangi kills all the murderers of Shivanya besides Yamini and Shesha. They find out that Shivangi is a Naagin and she kills the partners of them. Shivangi set her goal at Shesha and transform her into the statue. Yamini tries to break out however Shivangi kills her. Later, the fact discloses that Yamini, Mahendra (Rocky’s father), Rocky’s buddy Tanya’s family, Manjusha (Tanya’s mom) and Ranveer (Tanya’s father) murdered Ritik due to the fact they want the Naagmani. On the 27th birthday of Rockey, he transforms into an Icchadhari Naag. He allows Shivangi to take revenge for her father’s demise. After completing the revenge, Rockey unexplainably stabs Shivangi. Suddenly, Ritik seems and discovered to be alive. He says to Rockey that he did the right element by using killing Shivangi. The season ends with the loss of life of Shivangi.

Naagin Season 3

The 0.33 popular season of Naagin released on June 2, 2018. The show came to its ending on May 26, 2019. The display is starred by using Surbhi Jyoti, Anita Hassanandani, Pearl V Puri, Rajat Tokas and Rakshanda Khan.

The story initiates with Vikrant and Ruhi who are approximately to unite in relation to marriage after one hundred hundred years but they are separated whilst attacked via a group of 6 boys containing Yuvi, Aadi, Karan, Rehaan, Daksh, and Rj. In fighting, they shot Vikrant with a gun and he died with the aid of falling from the cliff. Ruhi, the Naagrani, vows to take avenge of Vikrant’s dying and obtain a new face after outstanding practice.

Ruhi as Bela enters into Sehgal’s house wherein she became imagined to marry Yuvraj however on the time of marriage he went on missing and Bela married to Mahir. The innocent and sort-hearted Mahir fall in love with Bela. Bela considers Mahir as a killer because she noticed the mirrored image of Mahir in Vikrant’s eyes however later the reality discloses that Mahir is innocent. Bela kills the murderers with the assist of her friend, Vishaka and the brand new challenge of defensive Naagmani turned into given to her. Bela defeats Jamini who need to advantage powers by using killing Bela. The fact discloses that Bela’s mother who’s a Naagrani is alive.

The distance between Bela and Mahir begins to decrease when eventually Vikrant enter in Sehgal’s house. By reworking himself as Yuvi, he meets with Bela and bowled over Bela later got here to know that he’s Vikrant. Bela’s mother knew the intentions of Vikrant that he wants to end up Naagraj and additionally want to get Naagmani. When she tried to inform Bela, Vikrant kills her and Mahir become blamed. But later, Bela realizes the reality. Mahir’s mom, Sumitra, also the mother of Vikrant try to get Naagmani but Bela conceal the Naagmani. Knowing about the weak spot of Bela that is Mahir, Sumitra attempts to kill Mahir and the whole family considered him useless. Mahir survived and once more come to shield Bela.

When Mahir knows approximately the genuine identity of Bela as a Naagin, he does not pass in opposition to him and assist her to protect the Naagmani. Vikrant and Vishaka were given married and help Bela inside the protection of Naagmani. In their adventure of defensive Naagmani, they face many troubles. Mahanaagrani Shivangi facilitates Bela and Mahir to put the Naagmani on its right place.

Naagin Season 4 Cast

The fourth season of drama serial Naagin is beginning soon and very last solid will be up to date quickly. The story of Naagin isn’t always yet revealed.

Over all Cast

  • Mouni Roy – performed her role as Shivanya and
  • Mahanaagrani Shivangi.
  • Arjun Bijlani – performed his position as Prince Ritik Singh and King Sangram Singh.
  • Adaa Khan – appearing her position in Naagin season 1 to four as Shesha, Ruchika, Takshika, and Ku-Sarpo ki raani.
  • Surbhi Jyoti – play her function in Naagin season 3 and 4 as Naagrani Ruhi (Bela)/ Naagrani Shraavani.
  • Pearl V Puri – performed in Naagin season 3 and 4 as Mahir Sehgal/ Mihir.
  • Anita Hassanandani – offered in Naagin season three and four as Vishakha aka Vish.
  • Rakshanda Khan – performed her role in Naagin season 3 and four as Nidhog Naagrani Sumitra.

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